Arella Gets In Touch With Her Animal Nature

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Author: Lachesis
This story contains adult content.

Arella was excited; her heart was almost beating out of her chest as she hurried home to tell her parents that she had gotten her internship with the genetics lab. She hadn’t shut up about it for 3 months since she had applied to them. “Don’t get your hopes up,” they had said, “You are still very young. Smart or not, they may not take you on” they had reasoned. The lab had called her in for a final interview, and then asked her to wait while they had a doctor give her a medical, and then told her she had it. They joked about having to sedate her to get her to stop screaming, which made her almost choke trying not to laugh.

“I’ll be starting next month! They will have me in the genetic diseases wing, specifically ones related to the nervous system.” She tells them, her words coming out more as a single, long word than as a sentence. “Please, slow down dear,” says her mother, “We can barely understand you.”

Arella takes a big breath and tries to calm herself, “I am going to be in the section that is the hardest to get into, the nervous system disorders one. I will be getting paid too! Not just a ‘Thank you for coming’ amount either, I will be making enough to cover all my expenses and everything!”

Her father laughs at the last bit, “You don’t have any, except your phone. You use our car occasionally, but we don’t ask for fuel money from you.”

“I will once I start Daddy. I can get my own car, and not a second hand one that’s been run into the ground, but a brand new one.” She interrupts before he can continue.

With that, he chuckles a bit, “Alright then. Just be careful that they aren’t going to take advantage of your intelligence. You finished university 5 years earlier than most people just trying to be a nurse, let alone a genetic researcher. I don’t want them to see you as an easy way into making more money because you are too naïve to be able see when they are just playing games.”

With an excited bouncing of her blonde hair, Arella nods her head, “I understand you are looking out for me Daddy. The person who is in charge of the section is another person like me, much smarter than his age says. He completed university at 13, and he waited 2 years before going after he finished school.” She then heads up stairs and starts calling her friends in an energetic frenzy.

Time goes slowly for her after that, impatient to start her first day. “Why can’t it hurry up?” she whines to her mother one morning at breakfast, “It will not go any faster because you whine instead of eating your breakfast. Dear.” Comes the flustered reply over hearing the same complaint every morning for the last 3 weeks, “It is only next Monday, anyway.”

When the day eventually came for Arella to begin her internship, she got up at dawn, which surprised her parents, and showered, dressed, and was eating her breakfast by the time she was normally just stirring and starting to get up. “I am going to be there early. They said I should turn up around half an hour before I am supposed to start, so that I can be given my pass card and fill out the paperwork and all that stuff. I want to get there a bit before that and familiarize myself with the buildings a little too.”

Upon arriving at the lab, she walks into the foyer, and goes to the receptionist and asks her if she should wait here for someone from the wing she was to be in to come and get her, or could she head through. “You will need to wait here, I’m sorry. You don’t have your pass card yet. I can see you are a little earlier than people usually come in when starting, so if you like, I will call them and see if someone can come down and start the paperwork for you?” the woman says apologetically. Arella nods, “Please” she says to her, and sits down on one of the chairs near-by.

A few moments later, one of the security guards comes through the doors, and motions for her to follow him, “This way Miss, Mister Childers will see you in his office, he is able to do the paperwork with you, but he can’t leave his office right now to come and get you.”

Arella practically launches out of the chair, and is by his side before he can finish speaking, “Thank you for coming to get me.” She says trying to make sure her clothes aren’t wrinkled or creased, and quickly steps after him as he walks down the corridor, opening all the locked doors as they reach them.

The brief conversation with the assistant lead researcher in the Nervous Disorder section didn’t give her much information about what went on in the other areas of the lab, other than each one had a specialty it researched, and he didn’t pay attention to them as he was in this section. Once she had her pass card, she still had a while to wait before she was supposed to start, so she was told she could have a look around the section. “If that card opens the door, you can look in the room, but don’t touch anything unless someone tells you to” he tells her, getting back to his paperwork and forgetting about her again.

Twenty minutes later, she is wandering through the doors and into another section; she didn’t see which because she wasn’t paying attention. She had seen something she was sure she couldn’t have seen, and was going to look. Her card unlocked the door, so she didn’t think anything of it. She goes into the room she had seen the tailed figure disappearing, and sees a person curling up in the corner. At least she thought it was a person. Or she would have, if it hadn’t been covered in fur. Or have a tail, and ears on top of their head.

Arella gasps in surprise, unable to comprehend the sight. She turns hearing someone coming behind her, but doesn’t get to see who it is before she sees black, a ringing loud in her ears and an excruciating pain in her head. “Fuck” says a man as he half picks up her crumpled form and leans her against the wall. He grabs the phone from the wall and dials in the extension to the lab director, “That new intern… someone messed up her pass card. She was in the lock down section. And she saw a subject that had managed to get out of its cage somehow.” He tells the person at the other end, “I knocked her out, but she saw it. She definitely saw it. Yes I know she saw it. I am fucking looking at it right now, and she is only a couple of inches shorter than me.”

“Take her into the lab, strap her down. Try and convince her she has some sort of illness, that she didn’t see it. If it doesn’t work, the lab can use her for their next work.” Comes the instructions, “Oh, the car she came in, dump it somewhere. Have everyone she spoke to… forget her. She never made it here for her shift. Got it?” and then he hangs up. “Fuck, fuck, and fuck” he says to himself, and then returns to dealing with other matters, like sorting out the person who was supposed to ensure the subjects didn’t get out of their cages.

Waking up with a groan, Arella tries to sit up, and then opens her eyes once she realizes she can’t move. Then she remembers what she had seen, and then passing out when something hit her. “Let me go!” she yells, not sure where anyone is, or if anyone is even there.

Then, a small click, followed by a voice coming through a speaker, “I’m sorry, we can’t do that. You had a schizophrenic break from reality, and you posed a threat to several people who were near you. We need to make sure the medication has taken hold before we can let you off the bed.” Says the female, the sound of her voice almost convincing. Almost. “I don’t have schizophrenia! I am fine, and there isn’t anything you can say to make me believe I didn’t see what I know I saw.” Yells Arella, not sure where the person was, or even who it was she was talking to.

The microphone clicks, and there is nothing said for a minute, and then when it comes on again, the words are chilling, “Then you can’t leave here. You will be shown how to get in touch with a different side of nature.”

The room goes quiet, and stays quiet for several minutes. Then a small group of doctors walk in, and surround her. “Hello Arella. You went somewhere you shouldn’t have, and so we are going to show you how things work in this section of the lab. It is only unfortunate that you can’t leave now, so we have decided that while you are here, you will be put to use and help us further our work.” Says the first doctor, which seemed to be in charge.

“W…What is that?” she asks eventually, her face pale and her heart racing. “What do you do here?”

The man smiles and nods to one of the other doctors, who then moves to the computer and starts some work on it, “We experiment with human-animal hybridization genetics. What you saw was an experiment that turned out to be a bit smarter than we thought it was. She was a combination of human in the primary genetic structure, but with traits from the common household cat.”

Arella shakes her head, “No…. No… That isn’t possible, you can’t combine human and animal DNA, you can’t breed animals and humans.” She protests, struggling more to get free of the straps holding her down.

All five of the doctors start laughing at that, “Who said we were breeding to create the hybrids? We extract a sample of your DNA, and then we analyze it. Once it has been analyzed, we then remove some strands of the DNA, replacing them with the ones from animals that we want in there. If we want to give you fur, we take the gene that controls your body hair and replace it with the necessary ones from which ever animal we want you to have the fur of.” Explains another of the doctors.

“No… No…” Arella cries to herself, “You can’t do this, I won’t let you.” And then she screams as they start to remove her clothes.

“We don’t need you to let us,” says the doctor in charge, “We have you where we need you to be to do it. We can also do other things to your body too, other than give you the traits of animals. We can re-write just about any part of your DNA we want. Would you like to look young forever? Or have bigger breasts, natural ones too?”

Pulling as hard as she can, with tears running down her cheeks, “No… No… Let me go. You can’t do this to me, I haven’t done anything wrong. I am happy how I am. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. Just let me go.”

The doctor to her left picks up a syringe, and fills it with liquid before he turns and puts a hand on her arm, holding it still as he places the needle tip just above her elbow, “You need to stay still now, or you will cause yourself a lot of unnecessary injury and pain” he says, waiting just a second for her to stop moving while she absorbed what he just told her. As soon as there is a momentary lapse in her struggling, he puts the needle in her, emptying the syringe’s contents into her blood stream, “That should help you relax Arella. That is a relaxant, and it won’t harm you in any way. It is only to help you be calm, although it is different to a sedative. You see, we need you awake for this, otherwise we would have done it all while you were unconscious.”

Arella’s eyes roll back for a moment as the drug starts to take effect, but then she calms down slightly, and tries to look around her. “What… No… I don’t want to do this…” she mumbles softly, as it dawns on her she won’t have a say in it anyway.

“We won’t change her too much right now,” says the one in charge, “Just some minor ones to make her more controllable first. We can do more to her in a few weeks. For the time being, increase her breast size 2 cups, then increase the sensitivity of both them and her genitals, thighs, anywhere sensitive is to be more sensitive. Also, increase her fertility. And try the experimental genetic combination, number 351.”

The doctor sitting at the computer turns, “But they aren’t sure about that yet.” She says, “Oh, I get it. They want to test it with her.” And then resumes entering the information into the system for it to compile the new DNA for Arella.

With her mind partly clouded by the drug in her system, Arella looks over to her, “What is… Three…. Five… One?” she asks, her speech slow and almost slurred.

The doctors all ignore her as they get ready for their tasks, taking several minutes to be prepared. Once they are ready, the lead doctor moves over to her side, “Are you ready for your new life as a whore to the animals here?” he asks as calmly as if it were an everyday question, like “How was work?”.

Before she can respond, he takes a needle from the tray by the bed, and hooks it to a thin hose. Another doctor presses a button near them, and a second later, a clear-blue liquid dribbles out of the end of the needle. When that happens, the doctor pushes it into her forearm and tapes it there, “You may feel some discomfort during much of this Arella, but it shouldn’t hurt. Your chest will feel like a stretching balloon as your breasts grow, but there won’t be any harmful effects from this. As far as your body is concerned, it will only realize that your body is not how your DNA says it should be, and will then adjust itself to make it match.”

“H…H… How big will they be? And what… What else is happening?” she stammers, fear evident in her voice. She looks to the needle, watching it slowly pump the liquid into her veins. A small, muffled sound escapes her throat as, sure to the doctor’s words, she feels her chest tighten and stretch, although she can’t see any change in the size of her breasts when she looks.

“You are a…” the doctor starts, but pauses to look at her bra, which they had removed when they undressed her, “B cup now. You will be going up 2 sizes, so you will be a D cup. You won’t see any difference yet, although the growth will have started. It will be about 10 minutes until you see a change. As to what else is being done, we are going to be making anywhere in your body that is sensitive to touch more sensitive. So your nipples, thighs, and genitals. Anywhere like that. We are giving you a heightened libido too, so that you will be less inclined to deny your future mates. As you will be aware, sexual attraction is governed by your DNA. What they call a broken gene causes homosexuality, whether in men or women. We are giving you an experimental gene that should make you want to breed with animals, and turned off by the thought of sex with a human.”

Arella’s eyes open wide, and she shakes her head furiously, “No, you can’t do this, it isn’t possible for what you are saying to happen” she says, her fear quite obvious, “I don’t want to sleep with animals, I don’t and I won’t”

The lead doctor just laughs again, “Oh, you will,” he says with a smile, giving her breast a gentle squeeze as he tests to see if it has become more sensitive yet. His smile grows wider when Arella whimpers quietly, then glares angrily at him as her cheeks go red and her nipples harden. “See, the part of what we can’t do has happened already. I am sure you feel the skin on your chest is quite tight, and your breasts have almost finished growing.” He adds at the end, admiring her body and running his hand lightly down her side. All the doctors except the one monitoring the computer screen laugh as her body arches towards his hand and she moans, once more glaring at him with anger and hate-filled eyes.

“Add in 351 and the libido genes now.” The doctor instructs the one at the computer, “Then tomorrow we see if it worked.”

The computer beeps as it receives the command, and a few moments later, Arella’s pupils dilate, then go back to normal, and she lays there on the table panting slightly, and no longer struggling. The doctor then gives her a shot of anesthetic and the others unstrap her from the table and place her on a stretcher. When she is on the stretcher, they wheel it into the corridor and down to one of the larger rooms. Carefully placing her onto the bed, they strap her down once more, this time with her legs slightly parted and her hands over her head. “Leave her until morning. When she wakes up, unstrap her and let her go to the toilet, eat, all that sort of thing. Not before eight am though. She will be unconscious until around half past seven, and we will return around half past eight.” The doctor says to the watchman who will be outside her room.

The night passes slowly for the watchman, and he eventually dozes off, but is awake before Arella. He checks the time and goes to grab a coffee while he waits for her to wake up. When he returns to the door, he can hear soft sounds from inside, so he opens the door and looks in. Arella is awake, and her face is flushed. The watchman checks the time again, and since it is only a couple of minutes until it hits eight, he closes the door behind him and moves beside the bed.

“You are a needy little thing aren’t you?” he says with an almost imperceptible sarcasm, brushing his hand along her wet thighs as he goes to undo the straps around her feet, “You better go to the toilet, your breakfast will be here soon, and then the doctors will return. Better be ready for them.” Arella struggles to keep herself from moaning at his touch, meekly nodding when he asks if she has to go. As soon as the straps around her hands are released, she runs to the small cubicle sized room and closes the door behind her. She locks the door quickly, her hands fumbling as her mind races. She was able to move once more, her libido higher than she’d felt before, and she had to release it, had to get some of the tension out that had built up since she had woken. Rubbing at her clit the way she always did at home, but in a more frenzied manner now, didn’t take her long since it was all so sensitive. She didn’t care who heard her screaming; only that it was out of her system. Then not even 3 seconds later, it was building up within her again. “My god,” she thinks to herself in the brief moment of lucidity, “They’ve made me a whore, a sex crazed slut who only cares about sex.” And then she is going again. She gets the tension in her body down to a manageable level after 10 minutes, and 5 orgasms, and then starts to get herself ready for the doctors. She quickly relieves herself and uses several handfuls of toilet paper to wipe her legs and hands clean before heading back to the little room she has assumed will be her new home.

Walking with her legs a little further apart than normal, to stop her thighs brushing against each other, or her folds, she goes back into the room and sits awkwardly at the table, still not used to, or liking, being naked around people. Her breakfast was quite modest, just some eggs, bacon and toast, but it was cooked quite well, and she didn’t feel so hungry afterwards. She just finished the glass of milk that was with it when the doctors arrived. She stared at them contemptuously, remembering more and more of the session in their lab, “I don’t like what you did to me.” She says, not caring if she interrupted their conversation with the watchman. The watchman simply turns to her and retorts, “Oh? It didn’t sound like that a few minutes ago in the toilet, 5 times in under 10 minutes.” He says with a smirk and returns his attention to the doctor.

The doctor sends the watchman outside to fetch something, and then stands beside Arella, “It would seem your libido is much higher than we were aiming for, but that is good.” He tells her, his hand sitting on her shoulder, “Once we bring in your collar, you will be getting introduced to one of your mates. He goes by the name of Raj, and he is a Sumatran tiger. You don’t need to worry though, he is quite tame. His only interest at this time of year is sex.”

In spite of herself, Arella finds her legs getting wet again, “N…No…” she stammers, her excitement growing rapidly as the thought sits in her mind, “I don’t want… to… Please don’t m…make me…”

He shakes his head, “I’m sorry, but it is vital that you do. Your collar contains a special pheromone that will make Raj ignore the fact you are not a tiger and will take any hole you offer him.” The doctor explains the situation to her in some more detail, outlining that her genetic structure now made her ‘useless’ to humans, in regards to sex, because she couldn’t be aroused by them anymore, and that unless she wanted to spend her waking moments curled up somewhere fingering herself, she would have to sleep with animals.

The watchman returns before Arella can continue her protests, and hands the collar to the doctor, who then shows it to her, letting her see what the collar looks like, and explaining what it can do. “The collar contains pheromones, which we can release at will. We can change which ones are released, making you insanely desirable to any animal in the lab we choose.”

The doctor puts it around Arella’s neck, amidst her struggling and trying to fight him, and he almost pinches her in the lock of it a few times before he makes her forget about fighting, “You will meet Raj soon, and he can fuck your brains out”, and she stops struggling and starts moaning quietly as the picture enters her mind, “There, much better.” Says the doctor as the collar lock clicks into place, “We will take her to Raj’s enclosure. Give her a few minutes to familiarize herself in it before letting Raj in.”

All the way to the animal’s area, Arella struggles with herself, trying to keep control, but enjoying the way her body felt every time she thought about sex with Raj, “D..Doctor, I.. I am a v… I haven’t had sex before. Will Raj…. Hurt me?” she stutters, trying to speak and not just moan as her thoughts fluctuated.

“If you are hurt by him, we will fix you. You don’t need to worry. We look after all our pets, while ever they are doing as they are supposed to.” comes the terse reply, followed by the door to the enclosure opening, and a quick shove into it, “You will have a short while to familiarize yourself with the layout of Raj’s home before he is allowed in to see you. Make the most of it.” And then the door closes and locks.

Arella stands near the door for a moment, and then slowly starts to walk around the enclosure. She gets absorbed looking at her new figure in the mirror, which her mind told her had to be a two-way mirror, when she hears a small twig breaking behind her. She stiffens for a moment and slowly turns and sees a large tiger, its intent quite clear with its cock hanging out, the little barbs near the tip not even registering in Arella’s mind before she drops to her knees. She starts to sob quietly, a mix of pain from the sudden, intense aching between her legs, and the final realization that the doctors had told her the truth, that she was now only good as a whore to the animals in their lab, and that the thought of an animal’s cock in her would bring her to her knees.

Raj lunges at her almost the second she is on her knees, before she even gets her hands to the ground. Arella screams as the cock is jammed into her, the barbs making her stay as still as her libido kicks into overdrive, her eyes roll back into her head as the tiger continues to ram into her, his mind as clouded and lust-filled as hers. Raj cums before Arella, and as his cock starts to retract back into his sheath, the pressure of her pussy’s muscles forcing him out, she starts begging, “No…No… not yet, I need to cum, please… Get hard again Raj…” her mind reeling at her loss of control.

She starts to move to try and follow him, staying on her hands and knees, and he turns back to look at her, then once more lunges onto her, his cock out and hard again before he even thrusts in the first time. He has barely entered her when Arella starts twitching and moaning, the force at which he took her this time driving her over the edge and into orgasm. Her mind clouds over and she loses sense of time, the tiger taking her several more times before leaving her and returning to his little cage to sleep. Arella isn’t sure how long it is, but after a long while, she manages to stagger to her feet, and stumbles towards the door, the cum flooding down her legs as she stands.

When she reaches the door, the doctor opens it and pulls her outside, the door closing automatically behind her. “You seemed to enjoy Raj more than you said you would. If I remember correctly, your words were, ‘You can’t make me sleep with animals’ and ‘I don’t and won’t’. In there it seemed that after he took you, the first time only lasting 30 seconds, you were begging him, even though he can’t understand a word you say.”

Arella’s only response is a furious blush, unable to deny what the doctor said. As the walk down the corridor further, she realizes that it isn’t the way back to her room, “T..This isn’t where my room is. Are you letting me go?” she asks hesitantly.

“No. I told you, we can’t do that. We are going to get you cleaned out now, and introduce you to your other regular mate. You will be doing him and Raj daily, for the next few weeks until you have fully adjusted to your new life.” The doctor says, reminding her of her status as a prisoner and experiment. “He isn’t barbed like Raj. He also isn’t quite as heavy. Sovereign Night is a dog, a Great Dane to be precise. He stands a little taller to the shoulder than Raj, but he is a lot thinner, and he is shorter.”

This time, as her folds moisten again, Arella stays quiet, staring at the ground as they walk along. Then she remembers the doctor had referred to her as a pet before locking her in with Raj. Then she realizes that she is following like a trained animal, without her leash. Inside her mind, she screams at herself for doing it, knowing that she follows because she knows that as soon as they have ‘cleaned’ her, she will be in a room with another animal’s cock pounding into her.

They turn into a small room with a shower cubicle and wash her down. They even let her shower properly and use shampoo. Then they make her lay down in the shower and spray water into herself, holding herself open and letting them wipe her clean. She finds that more embarrassing than the fact she begged an animal to take her again so that she could cum.

Once she is clean, they have her stand still while they adjust her collar and set it to release pheromones that would attract her next mate, Sovereign Night. Arella couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like, and how big he was. She hoped bigger than Raj. As it turned out, the dog was in the room next to where she showered, so it wasn’t long until she got to find out how big he was.

They had barely closed the door to the room and she was off, looking for him, hungry for him to be in her. She stops walking when she sees something that looked to be hiding under a bench, and she kneels down to look. She almost head-butts the bench as the dog finds her on her knees, climbing over her with surprising force. His cock wets her legs as it dribbles pre-cum onto her, bouncing back and forth as he thrusts, trying to find her wet, now very aching and very eager, hole.

Arella puts her hand on the bench, right in front of where her head would hit if he were to push that hard again, and starts to slowly rock back and forth onto him. Her eyes go wide again a few moments later as she feels the cock starting to swell, or at least part of it. And then she groans as the swollen knot gets jammed into her, wedging itself tightly in her. No matter how hard she tries, she simply doesn’t have the room to move to try and dislodge it so that she can return to her rocking her body is craving, and then the first wave of cum floods into her. She starts moaning loud again as the sensation of it was enough to push her over, her muscles twitching and spasming again. The dog leaves the knot well inside her for a few seconds as he lets the last of his load out, and then, instead of retreating from her like she had hoped, so she could relax and get her breath back, he starts pounding into her again. He remains on top of her, and inside her, for 3 hours, before he finally collapses, exhausted and unconscious.

Arella isn’t much better, she is awake, but the only movements she can manage are breathing, and twitches. She groans occasionally, and eventually the doctor comes in, helping her to her feet, “Did I forget to mention that Sovereign is also genetically modified so that when he gets hard, he fucks until he passes out?” he says, taunting her, “You will be like this every day after your visits to him. At least for the first couple of weeks anyway.”

A slight nod of understanding is all she can manage, doing her best to stay upright and able to follow the doctor out of the room. When they get outside, he lets her sit on a wheel chair, which he then pushes back into the cleaning room. They shower and clean her, and then put her back into the wheel chair and take her back to her room. “In a few weeks, we will analyze your DNA again, and then see what other changes should be done.”

The weeks go by, all a blur of food and lust for Arella, and then the doctor returns. This is the first time she has seen him since they brought her back to her room after the first day with the dog, which she had grown quite attached to. The doctor reminds her that she has to be looked at by the other doctors now, so that they can make further changes to her, make her closer to an animal.

As the doctors discuss amongst themselves what changes they will do, Arella’s libido once more sends her crazy, as it had gotten to a routine of having her needs met each day at a certain time by Raj and then by Sovereign Night, but now, her body is screaming out for Raj, and she was here in the lab. So she starts playing with herself to relieve the tension. The doctors look back as they hear her stifled whimpering, and she smiles awkwardly back to them, blushing, “I… uhm… Sorry, I’ll be quiet” she says, her hand still between her legs as she bites her lip.

Eventually, the doctors agree on a set of changes, and return their attention to Arella. Strapping her onto the table by her ankles and wrists, they set up the rest of the equipment and once more insert a needle connected to a thin hose. The doctors explain to her that this set of changes may have some pain, but they think at worst it would be severe discomfort more than pain itself. They say that she will be having her hips widened, as they weren’t wide enough for something or other, she was lost in a brief moment of ecstasy as one of their hands brushed the top of her thigh while they measured her.

“The changes we are doing today, Arella, will be done one at a time, so we can make sure that they are happening properly.” The doctor tells her, adding in, “First off, you will be gaining more breasts. Your over-all purpose in the experiment necessitates this addition. After that, we will be making your hips wider, and your torso will be lengthened slightly as well, to make room for things later.”

Arella can only nod, not entirely sure what they mean by her ‘over-all purpose’, but pretending she does. She remembers how useless her struggling was with the first changes they did to her, so she didn’t bother this time. She squirms slightly as she feels the skin below her breasts tightening, and the skin of her stomach. Then, suddenly, she feels 6 areas with more sensitive patches forming. She knows they are more sensitive because they felt fine before, and the thin coat of sweat running down her body suddenly became arousing from the sensation. “W… What… did that?” she asks, unable to see her stomach, both from being strapped down, and the breasts that they had made grow the first time.

“Your new breasts, Arella. You have 3 new pairs now, and although they are quite big, they are all progressively smaller than your top pair. We are quite pleased at how rapidly these new ones are forming, it seems your body is quite suited to having your DNA re-written.”

Arella inhales sharply, but quietly. She wonders what the other changes will be like, and what ones they will do in the future, since it seemed like they were doing it all in stages. “You.. you are making my hips wider… Will… that ruin my figure?” she asks, her vanity still in place over her natural good looks. Natural, that is, before her visit to the lab, since as far as her body knew, everything her body was now was natural.

The doctor nods to her, “Yes Arella, you will still look good, although it will be irrelevant to animals, which only care that you are female and alive.”

Her face tightens, and she tries not to scream as she feels her hips start to ache unbelievably, then the skin starts to stretch. She can see just slightly beside her breasts to her hips, watching incredulously as her hips visibly grow, easily 2 or 3 inches to each side. She manages to get a few words out in between stabs of pain as the growing slows down, “Can… I have something… for pain?” she asks, promptly biting into the hard rubbery bar they stick in her mouth.

She screams into the bar as her spine starts to stretch, an almost audible popping sound occurs in her lower back. She seems surprised she can’t hear it, but she can certainly feel it. After a minute, the pain subsides, but she is still left with a dull ache as it finishes. She looks up to the doctor, pleading with her eyes to be allowed move. The doctor looks away, to the one operating the computer, “Insert gene number 439” he says, which is quickly followed by the computer beeping it’s response, and then a few moments later, they unstrap her, lifting her into a wheel chair and taking her to her room.

“You won’t be able to see Raj or Sovereign Night tomorrow, Arella. Your body needs to recover from these changes first. During the insertion of the last genes, we gave you a shot of a libido reducer, so you won’t ache so much for the time being from not being with your friends.” The doctor tells her as she sits on her bed, running her hands up and down over her new breasts, barely able to see the second pair between the first. She nods her understanding and he leaves.

When the day arrives that she can finally get back to ‘her’ tiger, she waits eagerly, having already eaten, showered, and was ready to see Raj before the doctor arrived. The doctor opens the door and calls her to him, “Today, you won’t see Raj, or Sovereign Night. We have a new friend for you to see. It is part of the reason we had to expand your hips and make you a bit taller.” He tells her, just like a normal day at the office for him.

The walk to the room she is going to be in today is quiet, and the doctor says nothing until they reach the door, “When you get in there, your collar will not be releasing pheromones. Shadow is a horse. I want to see what you’re like with your mouth, and so you are to lick and suck him until you have to swallow or choke.” He says to her, “And only after that can you turn around to let him take you how he wants. But for that, you will have to lean over those railings. He can push quite hard too, and your body was lengthened partly for this reason, so that when he enters you, he can go as deep as he needs without tearing you apart from the inside.”

Arella nods, her face paling as she absorbs the idea of having the full length of a horse cock in her, and then rushes in to the room her legs dripping wet already. She eagerly seeks out the horse, and she starts rubbing his belly and his thighs, trying to make his cock emerge so that she can start swallowing him, desperate to taste his cum so that he can plant it deep in her. The doctor laughs as the door closes and presses the buttons to activate the cameras.

It doesn’t take long for Arella to convince Shadow of her needs, and she starts licking the length of the shaft as it grows, her hands slowly working up and down along its length. As it reaches its full length and almost snaps rock hard, Arella slowly and uneasily slides the huge cock into her mouth. She moves her tongue around it gently, and bobs her head back and forth. “I hope this is right” she thinks to herself, she’d never done anything like this before, not even to a human male.

Several minutes later, her eyes bulge as she feels the cock suddenly expand, and before she can react to it, a torrent of the horse’s seed pours into her mouth. She splutters a bit and some dribbles out, but she quickly swallows all that she can, and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, licking the traces of cum from it. Her folds start aching painfully again the second she finishes, anticipating what she remembers was to happen after. She moves rapidly to the railings she had been told to lean against, stumbling and almost falling in her hurry. She had no sooner leant over one and she could hear Shadow moving, and a second later, was pushing into her. Her pussy stretches wide, to her too wide, but doesn’t hurt as the shaft is forced in. A little pop is heard as it gets past the tight ring and Arella’s oversensitive genitals force her into blissful ignorance of the world around her, grunting with each push of the massive cock, groaning and whimpering as he pulls back.

She moans in grateful pleasure as she feels the cock swell once more, followed quickly by the wave of cum into her, surprised for a moment at how far into her body she could feel it. As soon as the brief torrent finishes, Shadow drops down, his softening cock falling out of her body. Arella turns around and licks his member clean, determined to get every drop of his cum that she can.

She stumbles towards the door when she finishes, her body weak from her date with Shadow. The doctor lets her out, and she groans when she realizes that she won’t have a wheel chair, certain that she wouldn’t make it back to her room. Instead of going to her room, the doctor pushes her into Sovereign’s room. With a sigh somewhere between ‘Oh no’ and ‘Oh yes’ she eagerly seeks him out and drops down for him to take her. She doesn’t know how long it was until Sovereign passed out, because she passed out before him.

While she was unconscious, the doctors insert a small chip into her, to affect her thoughts in ways that genetics wouldn’t. She woke up several hours later in her room, her legs cleaned, but she could still feel traces of cum trickling out as she moved.

“You.. you didn’t clean me properly” she says as she spots the doctor by the door.

With a shake of his head, the doctor explains they intentionally left cum in her body, “The last experimental genes we gave you were supposed to do several things, amongst which was the ability to breed with animals, as well as a hyper accelerated gestation of pregnancy.”

Arella pulls herself back against the wall, “You.. You.. Can’t breed humans and animals” she stammers, not wanting to be wrong on this matter, but so far the doctors had been right every time, which means she would be wrong.

“We will see. If this combination of genes does not work, then we will try another. And another. We will succeed eventually.” He tells her smugly.

Lowering her head in defeat, Arella speaks quietly, “So how long until we know if I am pregnant? And whether it is to Shadow or Sovereign?” she asks, hoping that if she is to bear any offspring for an animal, that it be to Sovereign, not wanting to think about how her body would cope with a foal inside, but then finding herself getting wet again at the thought of becoming a round, swollen, slut for the animals inside.

The doctor smiles to her, seeing her cheeks flush with anticipation, “While you were unconscious, we gave you a little surprise. The chip can make you think things that we can’t use genetics to do. You will find the idea of being a pregnant whore for the animals more enjoyable than just being a whore to them. You are no doubt quite easily aroused by the thought of being pregnant to at least one of them.” Taunting her that bit more, the last traces of her self-control fading with each time she goes to the lab.

Annoyed with the doctor at not answering her question, she asks him again, “When will we know if I am pregnant, and who to?” she demands, her voice cracking as the question spurs her libido driven imagination and causing her to get even more wet.

“Oh, in about 2 days. You will also find that your stomach will grow quite rapidly for about a week, not noticeably through the day, but you will see the difference between morning and night, and between the night and the next morning. Once you reach a week, the growth will remain steady, staying at pretty much that size and only growing slightly after that for about 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on what animal got you pregnant.” The doctor seeming quite pleased with the progress she had made so far under their experiments.

The next few days pass by quite quickly for Arella, the usual blur of sex with anything furry that had a cock to put in her. She even met some new mates, none of which were altered, only trained to go for her. They were a gorilla, and 2 more dogs, a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler. She goes in to have the shower she is allowed have after her day’s matings, on the condition that she doesn’t hose herself out, and notices that she can now see the lower pair of breasts, “Oh god” she thinks to herself, “I’m pregnant now.” And with that thought, rushes from the shower, seeking any of the rooms that she can get into, trying to find an animal she can fuck to ease her tension, her mind filled with the thoughts of sex, and that the doctors have finally done it now, she has gone from being a human to a being who’s only purpose in life is fucking and giving birth to whatever creature comes out of it.

She eventually gets into the room with Shadow, not even doing her customary blow job for him. She just bends over the rail and lets him pound into her. She can feel the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix, and she realizes that whatever is inside her is growing that fast, and that big, it is making her stretched pussy shorter, and that soon she won’t be able to see Shadow until the… Pups? Cubs? Foal? Is born. She doesn’t know, or care, only that she is horny, pregnant, and needs a cock and cum inside her to feel complete.

After her hurried session with Shadow, she stumbles all the way back to her room, his cum dripping down her legs. She doesn’t care if anyone can see what happened, she is just happy her pussy isn’t aching anymore and she can once again think clearly. Arella lays down on her bed, wondering what her parents think happened to her. No doubt they were told she was missing, abducted probably because the police would find her car, where-ever it was. She drifts off into an uneasy sleep, finding it uncomfortable to be on her stomach.

The next morning, the doctor checks on her, and sees her swelling stomach, “I see the whore is pregnant at last.” He says, his fingers brushing against her nipples which had hardened just from the thought in her head. She quickly gets up and tries to run for the door, her whole body screaming for anything to take her, and she starts trembling when the doctor grabs her and stops her, “Please,” she begs, “I need cock, cum, I need it”

“After your ultrasound, slut.” He says, all the friendliness and warmth gone from his voice. He stands there for a second, and then smiles wickedly to her, “I think you need to feel the cock of your own kind now, you have been living it up with animals for too long.”

Arella looks up to him with her blue eyes, frightened and sickened, “No! That’s… not right, I have to have animals, dogs, horses, big cats, anything that isn’t human!” she screams as he turns her around and pushes her to the bed. The doctor takes his time with her, enjoying the feel of her body, touching and tormenting everywhere on her that he knew would cause ripples of pleasure through her, followed rapidly by the wave through her mind of how wrong her body thought it was to be fucking a human. After what seemed to her like an eternity, he pulls his pants off and takes her. She can’t help but feel disgusted with herself when she orgasms as she feels his cum, “Please, that… that was disgusting, get off me. You had your fun.” She says to him as she looks away from him, trying to push him off.

“It seems your body still enjoys a man, slut. You have given in completely to your body’s needs, you aren’t human anymore. You have no name now. You are to answer to what-ever someone addresses you as, be it your old name, or slut, whore, breeder. It does not matter. Let’s go to your ultrasound. The pregnancy should be along far enough now that we can see who the lucky father is.”

Arella cries quietly to herself, sobbing the entire time she is being examined. The doctors determine that it is Shadow that is the father of her baby, a healthy foal they say. They take her into his room, where they tell her she will be kept until it is born. She goes pale at the thought of giving birth to a foal, and panics, “But… I… My… I’m not big enough to carry a foal full term, or give birth to one!” she cries out, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Your DNA allows your body to stretch itself as it needs to. You will find your hips widen, and your torso will stretch as it gets larger. After this, it won’t shrink back down though, and you will be capable of breeding Shadow a second time, with less discomfort.” Says the doctor from the computer, the one who had been controlling what her DNA changed to.

Arella shakes her head and asks if she can go back to her room, but they take her into Shadow’s and leave her there. She spots a small intercom on the wall, having been too horny to bother looking for anything that wasn’t long and hard any other time she was here. She pushes the button and speaks into it, hoping someone would answer, “You told me that my pregnancies would last between 2 weeks and 3 months, depending on who got me pregnant. How long with Shadow?” she gets angry at herself over every time she says pregnant, her mind goes straight back to his cock and she gets wet. “Three months” says someone at the other end, “Your breakfast will come at its usual time, but you won’t be leaving that room until you go into labor then.”

Her blonde hair shaking furiously, “No… No…” she says to herself over and over, the final piece of her transformation was coming to her, her acceptance that this was all she was now, a fuck buddy, pregnant to any animal that she touched.

The end of the week comes, too slow for Arella, and she has swollen out, and her torso has stretched a bit further, and she leans over her railings for her morning nailing by Shadow, “At least I can still feel good” she thinks to herself, having forgotten her will to be normal, she is just happy to be with Shadow. “I have all I need, food, cock, and the father of my baby” she says in a whisper, rubbing her stomach as Shadow takes a quick rest after flooding her with his seed before returning to her.

The remaining time of her pregnancy flies past, and she wakes up one morning, stabbing pain through her stomach, “Oh god…” she screams, managing to get to her feet and slowly making her way to the intercom. “It.. The baby is coming…” she screams into it, unable to keep the pain out as another contraction hits. The doctors run in seconds later, and lay her down onto the floor.

After several agonizing hours, the foal is out, and to her disbelief, looks entirely like a horse. When the doctors go to clean the newborn, Arella almost leaps up from the floor, putting herself between it and the doctors, “My baby...” she says to them defiantly, “Don’t touch my baby” she demands, she and the doctors were surprised at how aggressive she had suddenly become.

The doctors leave the room and leave her to look after the foal, even though she didn’t know what to do. Watching her through the mirror, they see her kneeling by the baby, it shaking unsteadily on its feet as it gets used to standing. She coaxes it gently, putting its mouth against one of her breasts to let it drink, and it does eagerly. She blinks slightly at the unusual feeling of her milk being sucked out of her, but then her eyes glaze over as it starts to send a wave of bliss through her.

A few days later, the doctors come and take her back to her old room, leaving her ignorant of what was going to happen with the foal. She became quite agitated at the thought of losing her foal, but they sedated her and strapped her to her bed. She remained there until morning, and they sent her in to the gorilla, which was more than happy to see her again. After several days of mindless fucking and sucking, She had forgotten entirely about the foal. Arella was pregnant again, and hornier than ever.