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Works by Chessrook44 on Shifti

So yeah, um... not much to say here, I don't use Wikis much (like, at all) so this'll probably look very newbish and I should stop talking about it like this and GAHENOUGH!!!!

Anyway, not much to say about me, except for the various ideas I have in mind struggling to get onto virtual paper whenever I can find the motivation to do it. Should anything be created, you shall find it posted here. Expect rare updates. Emphasis on rare.

Lester's Tales

These stories take place in the Paradise setting. Though I only have two complete, I have plans for more in my mind. Heaven only knows if I'll ever get around to them.

Episode 1: Unforseen Changes

Episode 2: Unforseen Reactions

Episode 3: Unforseen Gifts *New!*

Paradise One-shots

Stories listed here also take place in the Paradise setting, but are one-shots, separate from Lester's Tales.

Incarceration ~~~~So many stories have been told of the people who suddenly changed and fought against the change, or tolerated it, or learned to deal with it. But what about those who not only embraced it... but USED it for selfish ends?